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ITAC is the premier event for IT audit executives and those tasked with ensuring that businesses are governing data in a secure and responsible way, while addressing risks related to information technology.

ITAC 2018 will cover topics such as data governance, integrating cybersecurity into DevOps, vendor and third-party risk assesment, builing a threat intelligence program, and much more. Attendees will walk away with ideas, strategies and practical techniques for improving the IT audit department and addressing the IT challenges of today. Here’s what you’ll gain from attending ITAC:

Focused Content | Robust Expo | Numerous Networking Events | Targeted Workshops | Access to San Diego Bay | And So Much More! 


  ITAC Speakers 140x140 0014 Bernard Mark

Mark Bernard
CEO, Secure Knowledge
Management, Inc.

  ITAC Speakers 140x140 0010 Gleeson Brent

Brent Gleeson
Founder & CEO, 
TakingPoint Leadership

  ITAC Speakers 140x140 0007 Hoy Andrea

Andrea Hoy
Chief Information Security Director,
A. Hoy & Associates

taking point


Ethical Hacking For Auditors (Hands-On)
July 27, 2018 | 8 CPEs

An Ethical Hacker exposes vulnerabilities in software to help business owners fix those security holes before a malicious hacker discovers them. In this workshop, you learn all about what Ethical Hacking is and how you, as an auditor, can use some of these tools to assess the effectiveness of your company’s controls. Your laptop and mobile device are recommended to get the most out of this workshop.Cybercrime is big business. Money is spent to solve the problem, but perhaps the approach is all wrong. Maybe a top-down approach is necessary. For that to work, IT leaders must communicate effectively with the board of directors and C-level executives. This workshop will provide tips to help enable the discussion with the C-level executives on the impact of cybercrime and how to obtain their support in the fight against this growing cybersecurity threat.